When C.S. Van Gorden invented this product, way back in 1941, he had no idea that it would become the Gunsmith's "Trade-Secret" for touch-up.

          The Army Corps of Engineers used it for rustproofing machine parts that will stand in salt water in the Gulf of Mexico. Tool and Die makers used it for pattern blanks so that lines scribed into the metal were exact with no chipping   ...and a few local hobbyists used it for gun bluing.

          The emphasis has changed since then,but the product is still made the same way by his grandson in Bloomer,Wisconsin.

          If you have tried "cold-blue" products, you know they have  several  main flaws... A) They  stink    B)  They  don't match factory  blue    C)  They wear off in a  very  short time ... and D) They rust quite  easily.

The solution!

           Van's Instant Gun Blue penetrates the steel;rust proofs it and blues it quickly and easily, matching into the existing bluing seamlessly. There is practically no odor (and that disappears permanently when oil is applied). By following the simple directions, no secondary rust will appear, and the durability is unbelievable!

           Since 1980, Miracle Products has supplied this extraordinary product to gunsmiths, hobbyists, collectors, craftsmen, and first time gun owners...throughout the entire 50 states, and even into 5 foreign countries! Why haven't you heard about it? Because most of our dealers are gunsmiths who make far more money USING it rather than SELLING it! You may see us at one of the 45 to 50 gunshows we do across the country each year, but now you have a 24 hour source...right here!

           A 4 oz. bottle will completely blue about 3 full-sized firearms, or touch-up as many as 30 rifles, shotguns, and handguns. Full instructions are included.

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